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Allan Cromwell


45 years old

About Me

Christina Dottin
26 years old
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Seventeen Years old believe in living life to it's fullest as long as it doesn't bring harm to you.

About Me

I am praying for reconciliation in my marriage

Emerald J

60 years old

30 years old
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Gabriel Charles
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Director: Better Blends Relationship Institute

36 years old
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JLee Lovell
About Me

Loves 2 live life LOUD savouring every God given moment as I discover myself especially when I fail forward:P. I'm far from perfect but I believe in perfecting the best possible me(still working on that-honestly it takes several tries and do-overs):D


About Me

About Me

More than what meets the Eye... Olieyes!

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30 years old
About Me

I love adventure,enjoy going to the movies and hanging out with friends, always wanted to travel just never got the chance